School Catalog




Our philosophy for training successful practitioners in the cosmetology field is to provide students with professional teachers with imagination, creativity, and ingenuity in their application in professional training. The alert, interest teacher is always a “learner” as today’s vocational teacher is not only a technician in the field of Cosmetology, but also a highly skilled and trained person who will continually seek to improve their methods, materials, and profession. It is with sincere intentions to train students of cosmetology to perform with competency and dedication. The academic and career standards are maintained to assure the student of superior capability in their training. The curriculum is kept flexible enough to allow for new procedures and techniques, as they are developed, yet solid enough to maintain high academic standards. The final goal is, of course, to graduate students who will secure and retain employment and advance in their profession.



Teachers of Benton Beauty Academy, Inc., teach by lecturing, demonstrating, and having students perform under their supervision. Students do not learn a skill when the teacher performs the skill for them. Therefore, the students, with the guidance and supervision of highly skilled and trained teachers, do all work on the clinic floor. The teachers formalize the course of instruction through the medium of careful occupational analysis, and seek to include all the necessary skills and information needed for success in the training of students.



Classroom Lectures and Demonstratives (Theory), Laboratory Instructions and Supervision Field Trips, Evaluation and Advising, Academic Classes in Each Subject, Clinic Operations.

The school is equipped with Audio-visual training aids, tapes and DVDs; however they do not replace the classroom instructor, only assist by improving on the lesson to be learned.




The first Tuesday of each month.

The school is open five (5) days a week,
(Full Time) Tuesday through Saturday (8:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., with thirty – (30) minutes for lunch)
(Part Time) Tuesday through Friday (8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.)
Saturday (8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.)





Students will be notified of unexpected closure due to extenuating circumstances by local television station and/or personal phone calls by instructor.



Any student who is accepted for enrollment in school must present the following documents and fee, prior to enrollment date, for all programs:
1. Proof that the student is beyond the age of compulsory school attendance in Arkansas
(If under 18, Birth Certificate required
2. A High School Diploma, GED or Transcript

3. Social Security Card
4. Photo Identification
5. $20.00 State Registration Fee
6. Teacher Training students must hold a current cosmetology License.

NOTE: This school, under its admission policy, does not recruit students already attending or admitted to another school offering a similar program of study.



Under the Civil Rights Act of 1964, it is our policy that there shall be no discrimination on account of color, race, age, sex, ethnic origin, religion, or persons with disabilities as to admission, instruction, and graduation.

This school is authorized, under Federal law, to enroll non-immigrant alien students.


If a student has been expelled for attendance, or academic reasons, a student may re-apply after the academic year in which they were previously enrolled. If a student is expelled for behavioral reasons, they may re-apply in 90 days.

Administration reserves the right to accept or reject an application at its own discretion.
    *Students are allowed no more than 3 probationary periods per academic year.



Upon verification from the State Board of Cosmetology from any state, of previous certified hours for an applicant, the applicant will be accepted as a student to complete remaining hours necessary to qualify to take the Arkansas Board of Cosmetology examination for licensing. It is our policy that at least two-thirds (1000) – hours of your training are at our school. Each transfer student is considered on an individual basis. A transfer student’s tuition is based upon the total of number of hours she/he needs to complete the chosen program. Students will be required to obtain the equipment and supplies needed to complete the program.



All handicapped applicants will be evaluated as to our educational capabilities and facility capabilities. No one will be turned away because of the same, and our facility is equipped physically to accommodate most handicapped.



School is in session forty (40) hours a week, Tuesday through Saturday. Satisfactory attendance is a vital part of each student’s record. A student with three (3) unexcused absences within any month may be suspended for a period of time by the administration not to exceed three (3) days. Students must attend theory class regularly and pursue the instruction of practical and clinical work diligently. Theory class time for all students is four (4) days a week, for (1 ¼) hours Tuesday through Friday.


NOTE: Maximum time frame to complete any program offered will not exceed 1 ½ times the program length. Failure to attend at least 70% of course hours per month will result in unsatisfactory progress and the director will reevaluate your continuance of the program.



Excusable absence will be given for illness and emergencies. If absent for any other reason, arrangements must be made in advance (1) week with the Administration. Excessive absence or tardiness, without an excuse acceptable to the school, could result in suspension or dismissal. Absence due to sickness must be proven by a doctor’s statement. Saturdays and the day before or after a holiday are required. Absence from class without permission is not permitted.



School starts with Theory class at 8:30 a.m. and roll is called. If student is not in class by 8:40 a.m. the student will not be allowed to clock in until 9:45 a.m. When practical class is started student will only receive clock hours starting at 9:45 a.m. A late student will be allowed to remain on the premises but is not allowed to clock in or attend class until 9:45 a.m. Student will not be allowed to attend school after 9:45 a.m. unless special permission has been granted. If student is going to be absent from class, they must be excused in advance or it is considered an unexcused absence. Any student with three (3) unexcused absences within a calendar month may be suspended for a period of time by the Administration not to exceed three (3) days.



A student may be granted a leave of absence for circumstances beyond the control of the student. The leave of absence must be requested in writing prior to the leave of absence occurring. In addition the student is required to list the reason for the leave of absence. Emergency leaves of absence, without prior written request, may be granted provided the student completes a leave of absence request form and returns it to the school via mail or in person.

The maximum time frame is thirty (30) days. The school permits more than one leave of absence in a 12-month period provided that the total number of days absent does not exceed (60) calendar days in a 12-month period. A student on a leave of absence must not incur any additional charges because they are on leave.

The Arkansas State Board of Cosmetology rule states, “after an absence of two months a student must be terminated and have their school records marked dropped and forwarded to the State Office at Little Rock”.



A student wishing to withdraw from school may do so in writing to school administration. For students attending school on State funded programs, the Department in charge of the student’s program will be notified by this school of student’s dismissal or withdrawal immediately.


TUESDAY – SATURDAY 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

8:30 a.m. – 9:45 a.m.
Note: Students shall not leave the classroom during theory instruction to work on the clinic floor.

9:45a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

12:00 p.m. – 12:30 p.m.
LUNCH (approximately)

12:30p.m. – 5:00 p.m.



Student records are maintained in the administration office in a locked cabinet in a locked office. Graduate files are maintained for a minimum period of three (3) years. Complete records will be maintained on all students as to their payment of tuition and fees. Student academic, lab and performance grades shall be recorded. The school honors the Buckley Act as to disclosure of educational records and files of the student.



Adult students, guardian or parents of minor students, proper authorities of the Saline County Schools, and government agencies have the right to inspect, review, and challenge information contained in the educational records of the school. Appointments may be made at regular office hours Tuesday through Friday 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. under the supervision of the administrator. Educational records are designed as files, materials and documents, which contain information directly, related to the student and are maintained by the institution. Written consent is required before education records may be disclosed to third parties with the exception of the Cosmetology Accrediting commission or governmental agencies so authorized by law.



This academy cannot guarantee the student employment after graduation; however the academy maintains a placement file to assist students in finding employment. To help prepare students for employment the academy provides training in application, resume development and personal interviews. Student’s having trouble finding employment should discuss this situation with the Instructor to obtain assistance.



No housing is available.


Beginning on the day of enrollment, advising and guidance is given to each student. Throughout the attendance of the school advising is available whenever needed or necessary.



Tuition may be covered by State program; (Arkansas Rehabilitation Services) provided the student meets eligibility requirements. Information and applications may be obtained at the Schools Financial Aid Office.

A financial aid officer is available for consultation.



Option (1) Cash, paid in full before the commencement of classes.


Option (2) Deferred monthly payments. Students may make a down payment of (application fee, enrollment fee, book, kit and lab fee, and first month tuition) and pay the balance in monthly payments. Monthly payments are due by the 5th of each month for the term of the enrollment agreement.

Option (3) Financial Program (Arkansas Rehabilitation Services)


All tuition must be paid before the student graduates. The school charges a 10% late fee on tuition and fees not paid by completion of the program. Student costs do not include the $50.00 non-refundable application fee or State Board Registration fees, which are required.



There will be an additional charge per hour to any student who reaches his/her allowed absences’. This calculation is arrived by the program hourly rate multiplied by 2; this figure is rounded off in halves of a dollar, to equate overtime charges. Upon reaching your (80 or 32 missed hours) depending on the chosen program, overtime charges will be assessed hourly, payable at the end of each month.


If a student, teacher or interested party has a legitimate complaint against Benton Beauty Academy, Inc., they are required to submit the allegation or nature of the complaint in writing to the school Instructor/Director.


Complaint will then be considered at the next scheduled staff meeting, unless subject warrants immediate attention, then a special staff meeting will be called. The complainant is required to try to resolve the problems through the school’s complaint process. If complainant is not satisfied through the course of action taken by the school, and wishes to pursue the matter further, they may contact the Arkansas State Board of Cosmetology, 4815 W Markham, Slot # 8, Little Rock, AR 72205, phone (501) 682-2168.




To train and develop students in the areas of Cosmetology skills, sound business management techniques, and effective human relations.



Cosmetologist                   Salon Owner                    Salon Manager                  Platform Technician

Manicurist                        Make-Up Artist                  Sales Representative


This program of Cosmetology shall consist of the following curriculum:


Hygiene and Sanitation------------80 hours

Related Sciences------------------120 hours

Manicuring-------------------------100 hours

Hairdressing----------------------1000 hours

Cosmetic Therapy-----------------100 hours

Salesmanship & Management----50 hours

Shop Department------------------50 hours

Program Time 1500 Hours, 187 ½ Days, 37 ½ Weeks, 9 Months

Theory Instruction (minimum) 180 hours



(Must be a Licensed Cosmetologist)


This program is designed to prepare students for teaching the curriculum in all subjects offered in the cosmetology license program.


Cosmetology           Manicuring            Skin Care             Advance Cosmetology      Platform Work


This Program in Teacher Training consists of the following curriculum:


Required Preparatory Training-------------50 hours

Class Attendance---------------------------100 hours

Conducting Theory Classes-----------------50 hours

Conducting Practical Classes--------------300 hours

Methods of Keeping Student Records----10 hours

Individual Training/Practice Cosmetology

Program Time 600 hours 4 months, 75 Days, 15 Weeks





To train students in manicuring and pedicuring skills, business management, and effective human relations.



Manicurist Salon Owner     Manicurist Salon        Manager Sales Representative       Platform Technician


This Program in Manicuring consists of the following curriculum:


Health, Sanitation and Infection Control-----75 hours

Related Sciences---------------------------------75 hours

Manicuring and Pedicuring--------------------200 hours

Advanced Nail Technology--------------------200 hours

Career Development----------------------------50 hours

Program Time 600 hours, 4 months, 75 Days, 15 Weeks

Theory Instruction (minimum) 75 hours




To train students in the areas of skin care, skin disorders, facial structure, and facial make-up.


Esthetician           Make-Up Artist


This program of Esthetics shall consist of the following curriculum:


Chemistry------------------------------40 hours

Physiology-----------------------------35 hours

Bacteriology and Sanitation---------35 hours

Introduction to Skin Care------------45 hours

Skin Care------------------------------150 hours

Make-Up and Corrective Make-Up----50 hours

Eye Brow and Lashes----------------40 hours

Hair Removal (Superfluous Hair)---40 hours

Safety Precautions------------------ 20 hours

Professional and personality Development----20 hours

Management------------------------20 hours

Salesmanship------------------------15 hours

State Law-----------------------------10 hours

Testing Evaluation-------------------15 hours

Instructors Discretion---------------65 hours

Program Time - 600 Hours, 4 Months

15 Weeks, 75 days

Theory Instruction - (minimum) - 75 hours



The school uses written performance and oral tests.  They are used to help determine what the student has learned at any given point in their course of training.  Daily recording of progress (practical, mannequin and client) is taken.  Completion of theory chapters are tested by written and or oral examination and recorded.  The instructor and or Director will evaluate progress, academic and attendance monthly.  The student must maintain a grade average of 70% to be considered as making satisfactory progress.  The school requires a student to pass a Written and Practical final exam with 70% before proceeding to the State board examination.  All grades are recorded throughout the student’s training course.



A student must maintain a grade average of 70%.  After any month that an average of 70% is not maintained by means of testing and evaluation, the student is placed on scholastic probation for a month.  If at the end of the probation period a student has not brought his/her grades up to a 70% average, after counseling by instructor and owner, if determined that the student is unable to bring grades up to a 70% average, the student is terminated.  Students are allowed no more than 3 probation per academic year.



Essay, True and False, Multiple Choice, Matching, Completion and Recognition.



Problem Solving, Recall manipulation



Performance tests are graded as to accuracy, speed, neatness, and order, care of tools, manipulative skill, attitude, and aptitude.



Performance tests are graded as to accuracy, speed, neatness, and order, care of tools, manipulative skill, attitude, and aptitude. The following factors will be measured to determine academic progress in all programs:


Theory work (tests, grades, homework, etc.) Practical work / Clinic work (critique, test grade).


Students must maintain a minimum of 70% grade average in theory, practical, and clinical work to be considered making academic satisfactory progress. NOTE: Students missing tests, special projects, or failing a test, may make up work at the discretion of the School Administration.


The following represents the equivalencies of the grades assigned:


           THEORY                                       PRACTICAL                          CLINIC


EXCELLENT - A - 90-100                                                  A – 100-90                           EXCELLENT - (5) POINTS

GOOD - B – 80-89                                                             B – 89-80                              GOOD - (4) POINTS

SATISFACTORY - C – 70-79                                            C – 79-70                              SATISFACTORY - (3) POINTS

FAILING - Below 70                                                         D – 69-60                             UNSATISFACTORY - (2) POINTS

F – Below                            FAILING - (1) POINTS



Benton Beauty Academy offers continuous course of study in all programs taught.  In order for a student to graduate, the student must first complete the total number of program hours and assignments on the monthly practical assignment sheets.


The student is also required to pass the institute’s final written and practical examination with a minimum grade of 70% in each area.


Upon completion of the prepared course of study, each student is awarded a diploma certifying that said student has complied with the School’s requirements.  The School will also certify to the Board that the student has completed the course of stuffy assignments and theory hours and will recommend said student for examination.


Tuition and all other charges, if any, must be paid in full.  The school charges 10% late fee on tuition and fees not paid by completion of the program.



Examinations for certificate of registration to practice will be divided into two parts – written and practical.  A grade of 70% or higher must be achieved on the written and 75% or higher on the practical examination.


Following the student’s completion of State and school designated requirements the student shall apply to the Arkansas Board of Cosmetology for examination to determine his or her fitness to practice.  School sends to Board the student’s certification of hours and an exam application.  The student then receives by mail instructions for the state exam.


The school reserves the right to withhold certification of hours acquired by any student who has not paid tuition in full upon completion of the course. Hours will not be certified until all of the tuition fees are paid.



o   First infraction of the rules and regulations will result in advising and a verbal waning.

o   Second infraction of the rules and regulations will result in a suspension not to exceed three (3) school days.

o   Third infraction of the rules and regulations, the student is subject for dismissal.  A student may be terminated from the school upon determination by the Administration after counseling with the student the Administration has decided that the behavior pattern of the student cannot conform to school rules and policies.


NOTE: At the discretion of the Director, these rules may be changed and subsequently posted on the school’s bulletin board.



A student may be terminated from this academy for violating any school rules, or for failing to maintain Satisfactory Progress Policy.



An applicant not accepted for training by the school shall be entitled to a refund of all monies paid with the exception of a non-refundable enrollment fee of $150.00 for all programs.


If a student (or in the case of a student under legal age, his/her parent or guardian) cancels his/her enrollment and requests his/her money back in writing, within three (3) days of the signing of the enrollment agreement all monies collected by the school shall be refunded with the exception of a non-refundable enrollment fee of $150.00 for all programs.  The cancellation date will be determined by the postmark on written notification, or the date said information is delivered to the school administrator/owner in person.  This policy applies regardless of whether or not he student has actual started training.


If a student cancels his/her enrollment after three (3) business days after signing but prior to entering classes, he/she shall be entitled to a refund of all monies paid to the school less a non-refundable enrollment fee of $150.00 for all programs.


For students who enroll in and begin classes the following schedule of tuition adjustment is authorized:



TOTAL LENGTH OF PROGRAM*                                  OWED TO THE SCHOOL

0.01% to 4.9%                                                    20% Retained or Received

5.0% to 9.9%                                                      30%Retained or Received

10% to 14.9%                                                     40% Retained or Received

15% to 24.9%                                                     45% Retained or Received

25% to 49.9%                                                     70% Retained or Received

50% and over                                                   100 % Retained or Received


*Percentage figure is arrived at by dividing the enrollment time by the total required program hours as indicated on this agreement.  This is a percentage of the total tuition charged as shown on this agreement.  The student acknowledges to that he/she understands that reasonable attorney fees and cost shall be paid by the student in the event any action is taken on this contract or any part of it.


Enrollment time is defined as the time elapsed between the actual starting date and the date of the student’s last day of physical attendance in school.  Any monies due the applicant or student shall be refunded within 30 days of formal cancellation by the student as defined in item B or official termination by the school, which shall occur no more than thirty (30) days from the last day of physical attendance, or in the case of a leave of absence, the documented date of return.  Absences during this time have no bearing when calculation enrollment time.  Unofficial withdrawals will be monitored and determined on a monthly basis when progress reports are evaluated.


When situations of mitigating circumstances are evident, the school may provide a refund, which exceeds this refund policy.  The enrollment agreement and correspondence regarding cancellations and settlement clearly acknowledge the existence of the cancellation and settlement policy of the school.

If the school is permanently closed and is no longer offering instruction after the student has enrolled, the student is entitled to a Pro-Rated Refund.  If a program/course is cancelled subsequent to a student’s enrollment the school shall at its option provide a full refund of all monies paid, or provide a completion of the program/course.


Total tuition includes cost of enrollment fee, books and equipment.


Students who terminate prior to program/course completion will be charged a termination fee of $150.00.


ATTENDANCE: School hours are 8:30 am until 5:00 pm Tuesday through Saturday.  Theory class time is Tuesday through Friday from 8:30 am to 9:45 am.  Students are expected to clock in at the time they arrive at school.  If you do not clock in by 8:40 am you are allowed to remain on the premises in the reception area, but must not clock in until the end of theory class at 9:45 am.  Absence from class without permission is not permitted.  No one will be admitted after 9:45 unless previous arrangements have been made with the administration.  If you are going to be late you must call the school by 8:30 am and speak to the instructor in charge.  Any student tardy three (3) times within one (1) month may be suspended for a period of time by the administration, not to exceed three (3) days.  And student with three (3) unexcused absences within one (1) month may be suspended for a period of time by the administration not to exceed three (3) days.  Any student that leaves without permission will be suspended for one (1) day.  Students must clock in and out for a 30-minute lunch break.  If a student is clocked in, they must be on the clinic floor working.  If student is not with a client they are expected to be working on their monthly practical worksheet.




If a student is going to be absent, arrangements must be made at least one (1) week in advance.  If a student is absent without previous arrangements he/she must have a doctor’s note before returning to class to be considered an excused absence or.  If his/her absence in unexcused he/she will be suspended by the administration for up to three (3) days.  If the student is absent they will be expected to report the reason to the administration of the day of the absence.  All continued unexcused absences totaling thirty (30) days will mean cancellation of your enrollment agreement.  Emergency absences such as illness, death in the immediate family, etc. will be considered and examined on a case-by-case basis.


TIME CARDS: Students are required to clock in upon entering or leaving the school. Students are responsible to clock in and out for a 30-minute lunch break to be taken within 6 hours of starting time per state law.  Students are responsible for their own time card.  Only the student whose name appears on the time card may clock it in or out.  No student is allowed to clock another student’s time card at any time.  If an error is made, the student is responsible to have the instructor correct the time immediately.  All tardiness or absent time must be subtracted from the possible eight (8) hours each day as required by state law.


BREAK POLICY:  Breaks are not mandatory, but if necessary, must be authorized by the floor instructor.  Breaks may not be taken during classes or if a student has a client, etc. 


STUDENT SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT:  Standard approved textbooks and equipment may be obtained through the school office.  Any defective implements issued in student’s kit must be turned in for exchange immediately upon receipt of kit.  Student shall not be permitted to remove the assigned kit from the school until such time that the student has completed his or her training or has withdrawn from the school.  Students must furnish their own black/white lab coat and paper and pencils.   Each student is held responsible for his/her own equipment and personal property.  No property belonging to the school is to be taken from the school without permission from the instructor.  Students whose enrollment is terminated will be required to turn in to administration all books, equipment, project and information sheets and any other school items issued to student since enrollment at the time of termination


LOCKERS: Each student is provided a locker.  Students are to provide their own lock and an extra key (or the combination) must be given to administration to be placed in student’s permanent folder until student graduates.  All personal belongings are to be kept in student’s locker.  Students are responsible for the cleanliness and appearance of their locker at all times.  State inspectors are allowed to inspect lockers, kits and stations whenever they inspect the school.  The school is not responsible for any lost articles.  During a leave of Absence you must vacate your station and no responsibility for these items and will dispose of items accordingly.


DRESS CODE / APPEARANCE:  All students are required to wear a black/white lab coat at all times when on the clinic floor.  Street clothes are permitted under the lab coat, as long as the clothes are clean, without holes or frayed edges and are non-revealing.   Skirt and/or dress lengths must be no shorter than two (2) inches above the knee.  Student’s shoes must be clean and closed-toed.  No flip-flops or sandals are permitted.  Students not abiding by this policy will not be allowed to clock in until they meet policy requirements.  Students must obey all rules of personal hygiene, sanitation and sterilization as reference in their textbook.  Any student coming to school with body odor, unkempt hair or dirty clothes shall not clock in for school credit until they have made their appearance acceptable and beyond criticism of the public and administration.


CONDUCT:  Students are expected to conduct themselves as adult ladies and gentlemen at all times.  This means no loud talking; yelling or profanity will be tolerated.  There will be no chewing gum while in school.  All smoking, eating and drinking are restricted to designated areas.  Silence is to be observed in the classroom.  Unnecessary conversation or noise will not be allowed.  Students are not permitted to gossip or cause discord.  Students are expected to give clients their undivided attention.  No visiting with other students is permitted in the presence of a client.  Anyone caught stealing will be terminated immediately.  No drugs or alcohol are allowed on the premises.  If anyone is under suspicion, they will be sent home.


PHONE CALLS:  Do not use the phone on the desk for any reason.  This is the business line, and must stay open for incoming calls.  Please advise your family and friends that they are not to call your at school except in the case of emergency or very important messages.  Cellular phones are prohibited on the clinic floor during instruction hours, also in the classroom during theory class.  Cellular phones may be kept in your care and used during lunch break or before and after school.  If you violate the cell phone policy you may be suspended.  If you are on the phone you are not doing your work.  Students on the business phone shall not attempt to answer any questions or give advice to an inquiring client, except to quote prices and give location.  No information is to be given by a student to anyone calling regarding the cost of programs offered, etc.  Name and numbers must be taken for this type of call or for personal calls for instructors.


ATTITUDE:  Disrespect will not be tolerated. If you show disrespect to a client, the instructor or other personnel you will be clocked out.  Client’s opinions of a student’s appearance, attitude, and their services, are taken into consideration when evaluations are being entered on school records, and recommendations are being made for employment.


VISITORS:  Students are not permitted to bring their children to school, and personal friends should be discouraged from coming to the school to visit unless they are considering enrolling in the school.  Your visit should be brief and be conducted in the reception area only so as not to disturb the other students.  After a student has completed the training, he/she will be most welcome to visit, but it must be confined to the school reception area only.  Loitering on the premises will not be permitted.


DUTIES:  Each Tuesday is sanitation day; duties will be assigned to each student.  Students are expected to carry out the duties assigned to them weekly.  All students are required to spend fifteen (15) minutes each day at 4:45 pm in sanitation and sterilization of stations, kits, and a rotation of clinic floor space in order to receive 80 hours (25.6 minutes a day) in sanitation and sterilization required by the state board.  You are expected to keep the school clean, neat and orderly.  Your station is to be cleaned every day, several times if needed, and swept up after each haircut.


STUDENT SERVICES:  All students must pay for chemicals, conditioners, etc.  These must be paid for before using.  Students are allowed two (2) services per week.  If student is on probation or has not completed homework assignments, the service will be denied.  Services will be given on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  At any other time a service is requested, the student will be charged ½ of the regular service price with school participation.  For services requested without school participation, the student will be asked to clock out and pay full price for the service.


MAKE UP TEST POLICY:  Students who are absent from class (late or not here) on test day or who fail the test, will be allowed to make the test up on the last Tuesday of the month in place of receiving a service. All tests missed or failed in that month will be given on this day.  If you are absent on test makeup day, you will receive a “0” for each test that was to be made up.


STATIONS:  Students are assigned stations.  Stations must be kept clean and orderly at all times.  School staff as well as State Board Inspectors checks stations periodically.


NOTE:  At the discretion of the director, these rules may be changed, and subsequently posted on the school bulletin board at any time.



SATISFACTORY PROGRESS 70% in attendance and academic work is a requirement for all students enrolled in this school. 


ATTENDANCE PROGRESS FULL TIME/PART TIME: Maximum time frame to complete any program offered is 1 ½ times the program length. The maximum time frame is defined as the maximum length of time to complete study.


NOTE: Students must attend at least 70% of scheduled time in order to be considered making Satisfactory Progress and to complete the program within the maximum time frame.


CONTRACTED PROGRAM LENGTH: Program length is the amount to time required to complete the program without absences.


A leave of absence may extend the contract period and maximum time frame by the same number of days in the leave of absence.



Cosmetology           Esthetician              Manicuring              Instructor

1500 hours               600 hours                600 hours                 600 hours

187 ½ days               75 days                   75 days                    75 days

37 ½ weeks              15 weeks                15 weeks                 15 weeks

9 months                  4 months                 4 months                 4 months



2250 HOURS         900 HOURS         900 HOURS          900 HOURS          900 HOURS



The director and/or instructor will conduct evaluation of progress on the first of each month. Both attendance and academic progress will be evaluated cumulatively. Incompletes and repetitions do not apply and have no bearing on Satisfactory Progress.

SATISFACTORY PROGRESS in attendance and academic work is a requirement for all students enrolled in this school. Student meeting minimum requirements at evaluation will be considered making satisfactory progress until the next scheduled evaluation. In order for a student to be considered making satisfactory progress as of course midpoint, the student must meet both attendance and academic minimum requirements on at least one evaluation by the midpoint of the course.

Students failing to meet minimum progress requirements of 70% will be placed on probation for one month with the opportunity to meet requirements for the next evaluation period. During probation students are considered to be making satisfactory progress

At the end of the probationary period, the students’ progress will be reevaluated. If the student is meeting minimum requirements he/she will be determined as making satisfactory progress. If the student fails to meet minimum requirements on any evaluation after probation, the school may at their discretion and after consideration of circumstances terminate the student.

NOTE: Students are allowed no more than three (3) probations per academic year.



Students who are terminated after failing to achieve minimum requirements may appeal this determination. The student must submit a written appeal to the Director of Education, along with any supporting documentation, reasons why the decision to terminate funds should be reversed, and a request for a re-evaluation of progress. The Director of Education within five (50 business days of termination must receive this appeal. Should a student fail to appeal this decision, the decision to terminate will stand. An appeal hearing will take place with five (5) days of receipt of the written appeal. The student, parent/guardian (if a minor) instructor, and director of Education will attend this hearing. A decision on the student’s appeal will be made within three 93) business days by the Director of Education and will be communicated to the student in writing. This decision shall be final.

Should a student prevail upon his/her appeal and be determined as making satisfactory progress, the student will be automatically re-entered in the program and the financial aid funds will be reinstated to eligible students.

After losing appeal the student may request a re-evaluation of termination. If upon re-evaluation student can show cause why he/she should be re-admitted, he /she may re-enroll after a period of not less thirty (30) days.



A student returning from a leave of absence or other official interruption of training must return to school in the same satisfactory progress status as prior to leave.



Any student who withdraws from his/her contracted program or fails to complete his/her training will have notice placed in his/her student file as to progress at point of withdrawal. The school at its discretion may choose not to re-enroll a student that has been dropped or been terminated. In case of medical emergency that caused said drop, administration may demand written documentation.



A student making satisfactory progress at the point of withdrawal may apply for re-enrollment in the school and will be considered to be making satisfactory progress at point of re-entry.

A student failing to meet minimum satisfactory requirements at the point of withdrawal will be placed on probation for one (1) month when accepted for re-enrollment.

Course in-completes, repetitions and non-credit remedial course have no effect upon satisfactory progress status in this school.

Re-entry students after 180 days absence will be charged at the current tuition rates for newly entered students.

Re-entry students before 180 days absence will have their amount paid during their first period of enrollment credited to their account.